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Myself and Gemma, at the casting

Myself and Gemma Cruickshank, at the casting!

When I heard from Gemma Cruickshank Collexions about my application to model clothes on the launch night, I was made up, really excited. Catwalk modelling is the best fun, you get to meet really interesting people and it’s quite an experience. Your hair is done all nice and you get to lots of slap put on, which I love.

Please come for a casting call, Gemma said, in London.


Wear black leggings and top.


Come with a fresh clean face, with no make-up.


Like many Mersey women, it is a rare occurrence indeed I leave the house without full slap on, as chronicled here. I concede I may nip to the corner shop with a bare face if it is early enough in the morning and there’s only the nice lady who works behind the counter out of her bed but otherwise no, it’s the full regalia. It’s just the way I am.

The concept of the “natural look” makes me feel a bit nauseous, mostly because I feel I look ill without make-up. I’m not sure why I’m jittery about it, because my mother rarely wore any unless it was a special occasion and even then, she just dabbed a bit of lipstick on. Her lippy lasted for decades, in mysterious metal cylindrical containers and smelling like a strangely perfumed wax. Not unpleasant, but distinctly exotic.


For the casting yesterday, I lashed tinted moisturiser on my face, with a vengeance, and brushed on my hardly ever used bronzer (an acquaintance on the way there asked if I‘d been abroad recently), and lots of Vaseline. I concede I didn’t look that bad, but am at loath to give this make-up free lark much of a go, it’s too much of a risky business. I haven’t got the nerves for it.

Suffice to say, at the Gemma Cruickshank Collexions launch night in October I will be wearing full make up (slap it ON) to go with the wonderful clothes Gemma has designed. They sound beautiful, truly, and there will be a pink carpet for us to walk down! I can’t wait, I love being part of Team Gemma, and it’s only been 24 hours!

In the meantime I’m modelling Simply Be, and Panache at Plus North in Manchester on 7th September.


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