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I was really made up to be asked to give a talk to members of the University of Liverpool’s Creative Writing Society yesterday evening. They are a great bunch, who meet weekly, encouraging and supporting each other in their writing.

They also go on a heroic number of pub crawls. It’s good for writers to get training in that department as soon as possible in their careers, I think. Essential, actually.

uni of liv creative wr soc

After my talk and answering questions, I took part in the group’s weekly writing prompt. I haven’t done one of these since I did my MA a couple of years ago. I dug out the photo from my graduation especially for this blog post. I forgot my hair was so short:

grad ma



The prompt at the meeting was “my favourite thing”. Here is my effort:

I Love Wine

I love wine. Red and thick like blood, I dip my tongue into the glass and taste cherry, blackcurrant, chocolate. I lick my upper lip, staining it. Wine lipstick. I take a sip, enjoy the first burning drops, the prickle at my throat. The burn is not unpleasant, like hot wax on flesh, the way for one, two nearly three seconds the wax is too hot, too burning. Exquisite, before cooling into a second skin. Bitter sweet relief. The first flow of wine is a pioneer, mapping out the path, a path swollen and filled by the rest. The rest have no numbers.

I love wine.


I thought I’d join in with the general ambience of the group!


mole 1



Thanks to Hannah, Eve and all writers I met last night, and for the lovely gift of Moleskine notebooks – a very thoughtful present, and much appreciated.


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